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Childhood memories

September 13, 2011

On occasion I will step aboard Mister Peabody’s wayback machine and go back in time. Back to that little bedroom which was my little piece of the planet for much of my childhood. As far as rooms go, it wasn’t much. I’ve had apartments with bigger walk-in closets. If memory serves me correctly, I had a small chest of drawers and a bed. Yep, that about sums it up.

So, where was I going with this? Oh yeah… the bed. I’m sure this thing got handed down from generation to generation. I’m confident the mattress was stuffed with cotton pulled directly from Eli Whitney’s cotton gin. The bed posts were surely hand carved wood salvaged from cross members recovered from Noah’s ark. What I’m saying is…

It was kind of old. That’s the bed I slept in as a child. And consider myself lucky to have had that. Then I see the kinds of beds kids have these days…

This is “The Bunkhouse” from Trendwood. This piece is bigger than my old bedroom. (By a lot!) I think the youth of America could be well served by returning to the old ways and sleeping on antiques.

Put our kids on duck feather mattresses and the dropout rate would plummet, teenagers would begin to use words like “Yes Sir” and “Please.” They would talk on the phone rather than push buttons at each other. They’d give up Big Mac’s for apples and broccoli. Report cards would all have big As from now to the end of time.

Next thing you know they’ll be walking to school….

In the snow…


Both ways.


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